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A fashion & beauty photographer with a studio based in Brixton, London. As well as shoots in Spain, Ibiza and abroad.


Over 6 years experience in the fashion and Beauty photography industry.

Specialises in Editorial, Beauty and e-commerce photography.

Clients are De La Vali, Annie's Ibiza, Alexander McQueen and Sports Direct. 

Magazines Dara's Photography has been featured in are Forbes, The Style, The Times and Elegant, amongst others.

Dara is passionate about creating Editorial and Beauty photoshoots for admired magazines and brands, both independent and high end.

As well as producing high quality work with a combination of film like/edgy imagery for portfolios and content. 

Dara grew up in Spain, was born in Holland and lives in between Ibiza and London. She is a warm and friendly individual that aims to make all her photoshoots fun while maintaining professionalism throughout. She believes this adds to creating a strong body of work and reflects throughout her imagery. 


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